About Me

I'm an alien--a legal alien. I was born in Canada but have since moved all the way to a small town near Atlanta, GA. I live with my beautiful wife, Kristie, and my son, Maddox.

I enjoy reading science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, military fiction, and nonfiction--especially history or leadership focused. When I'm not writing or reading, I am outside taming my backyard, or golfing with my brothers, or going for a run. I am a teacher, but can honestly say that teaching never feels like a job.

I hope you enjoy my writing! I would love to hear from you, the reader, and hope to join you in this journey of experiencing story. 



Slavery still exists. It's shocking, but it's the truth, and now together we can help end slavery. For every book sold in the Axiom Chronicles--Axiom or Citadel and future installments--portions of the profit will go to the End It Movement. For more information, click here to learn more. 

Academy of Breath and Fire

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Words are life and death. That's what they taught Harlen Rodes the first day at Mercroft Academy-at a school he doesn't want to be in for the next year. Harlen was sent to Mercroft to be trained in the art of Wordsmithing-using words to create, attack, and manipulate. Harlen soon discovers that not only does he have much to learn, but that Wordsmithing can be dangerous. Even deadly.

Shape of Memories

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Alpha Grisham is used to authority. After years of being raised by an overbearing father, Tyler Grisham is now in command of his own vessel, The Mayflower. His life soon spirals out of control, however, when he crash lands on an uninhabited planet--UP-117. It is here Alpha Grisham encounters a being that takes the shape of his most intimate and most powerful memories, including that of his estranged wife, his domineering father, and that of his dead childhood friend. But, there is a memory that he does not want to encounter--a memory that begins to hunt him down.

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Death and violence do not exist in Axiom. There is no strife, no war, no suffering. There is no hunger, no sadness, and no pain. Axiom is a place of perfection. But, at what cost? In Axiom, mankind has willingly submitted itself to one man--the Lord Protector--who controls the destiny of every human being.

Emotions have become outlawed. Relationships are forbidden. Any sign of the Disease is treated with hostility. Under the eternal guidance of the Lord Protector, mankind no longer knows what it means to be human. But, stirring within the hearts and minds of a few individuals is a reality which cannot be ignored. It is this reality which will cause the spark of rebellion to be born.

For Sebastian, he is spurred to step away from the laws and regulations he has trusted and introduce to Axiom the freedom of emotions. For Damien, he is forced to fight a cause he does not believe in and confront his inner demons. For Myra, she must face her greatest fears and wander into the darkness in order to save a life.

Looming above them, though, is the power and might of the Lord Protector. Each character must face their own limitations in order to restore to humanity what has been forfeited. But, can they make a difference against a man who has seen thousands of years?

Or will they be destroyed?

The Daylight

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Tommy inherited a broken legacy. His great-grandfather was to blame for the derailing of a train--The Daylight--which took over one hundred lives. But, Tommy doesn't believe this infamy is the whole story, and he has made it his goal to solve the mystery. But, how far will he go in the past, and what will he lose to find the truth?

Brothers of Baseball

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Ryan hated the move. He hated being uprooted from his home in New York to the rural outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. But, little did he know of what was in store for him. It would a summer unlike any other. A summer of baseball. A summer of brotherhood. A summer of becoming the young man he had always wanted to become. A summer of change. A summer of war.